Monday, November 1, 2010

Importance of Being Earnest

I found reading the Importance of Being Earnest to be very delightful, I even giggled a couple of times, which is not my typical reaction to assigned readings.  It was very refreshing to just be able to read literature merely for the sake of entertainment and enjoyment as opposed to the very analytical way we students generally have to approach literature.  While reading texts analytically has its own critical importance in everyday and scholarly life, one of the main functions of literature is to entertain, and this aspect can be lost when one must repeatedly search for underlying meanings or overarching themes in a piece
I think a major reason why I enjoyed this play is because it is exactly the type of art our society today, especially the younger generation, appreciates.   The kind of art that doesn’t require a lot of thought or deciphering of symbols and themes, the kind that straight forwardly presents what is happening and has the main goal of entertaining. 
We find great delight in watching pointless YouTube videos and trashy reality T.V. shows, and we love the movies and the books that tell the same overdone love story.  This is because all of these things don’t require deep intellectual involvement for comprehension, but instead are easily followed and often amusing.  This is very different from the art forms previous generations appreciated.  I believe this stems from the very nature of our busy, work driven society today.  We don’t really have that much time to relax and because art is now generally appreciated only in the few moments we do try to relax, we don’t want to be all that intellectually engaged while doing it  - we rather be entertained.

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  1. I agree that this was a fun read, I love reading for pleasure and not for school, and I actually enjoyed reading this one.